In keeping with the philosophy “nothing is more important than allocating enough time to ensure safe working conditions”, Öksüt Madencilik is committed to protect the health and safety of its employees, contractors, the public and the environment in all stages of operation, including exploration, construction, operation and closure.

Adhering to this principle, we strictly comply with all legal regulations and adopt best international practices as a guide for our operations. With the awareness that occupational health, safety and environmental consciousness will not be limited to the working environment, we provide a custom-made training developed for Centerra Gold under the name “Work Safe, Home Safe” to the employees of both the Company and its contractors and thus, we endeavor to create a climate in which the desired behavior change will flourish spontaneously.

Our insight on Occupational Health, Safety and Environment also includes our commitment to:

  • Unconditionally comply with national and internationally accepted laws and regulations in the field of industry,
  • Offer a safe working environment for our employees and subcontractors,
  • Ensure identification, description and control of potential health and safety risks for employees, subcontractors as well as the public, considering the necessary social and economic factors,
  • Take necessary steps and measures to control and prevent the environmental impacts arising from our work,
  • Regularly and continuously raise the awareness of employees on occupational health, safety and environmental issues.

In order to fulfill our commitments, we adopt as a principle, goal and objective to:

  • Establish and implement a health, safety and environmental management system,
  • Identify the health, safety and environmental risks and hazards that may arise from our work,
  • Set goals in order to continuously improve health, safety and environmental management activities,
  • Identify situations and events that have the potential to affect employees and the public as a result of our activities and prepare health, safety and environmental emergency action plans,
  • Inform the local people in the residential areas adjacent to the project site of the health, safety and environmental issues,
  • Ensure the recycling and disposal of waste to reduce and control the environmental pollution that may result from our activities,
  • Rehabilitate the field of activity in a planned manner once the mining activities are completed,
  • Conduct regular inspections to ensure implementation of this policy,
  • Ensure implementation and maintenance of Öksüt Madencilik’s policy on health, safety and environment by subcontractors and suppliers in their respective work sites,
  • Provide training to all employees on their duties and responsibilities in terms of health, safety and environment,
  • Ensure that all employees comply with our health, safety and environmental policies and procedures in their designated work sites,
  • Make the necessary resources for the implementation of this policy available,
  • Communicate this policy to all our related stakeholders.