Our Company believes that mining projects are a positive force supporting social and economic development and conducts its business keeping in mind the responsibility to establish and develop constructive relations with local people. We carry out joint efforts with local institutions and other stakeholders to minimize the possible negative effects of the Company's activities and increase their benefits.

The major principles of our activities include sensitivity, respect and honesty towards cultural values. Each of our employees acts with the awareness of these principles and with the understanding of responsibility as a Company.

All questions, suggestions, requests and complaints submitted and raised by stakeholders are recorded and conveyed to the relevant departments of the Company to be acted upon. The Company actively operates the complaints mechanism which is an important part of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development performance requirements.

We Promise
  • To listen to and engage with host communities in a collaborative, transparent manner to build mutual trust and understanding.
  • To work proactively with communities to identify and manage social risks, impacts and obligations.
  • To help foster a stable, healthy and safe environment in which to live and work.
  • To develop partnerships with host communities, governments, employees, contractors and others to promote sustainable social and economic development.
  • To respect the fundamental human rights of all stakeholders with whom we interact.
  • To manage grievances in a fair, timely and consistent manner.
  • To take into account the special aspirations, needs and concerns of Indigenous Peoples, women, children and vulnerable groups within our sphere of influence.
  • To leave a lasting positive legacy by working with local stakeholders to prepare for our eventual departure and the closure of our operations.
  • To monitor and continually seek to improve our community relations performance in order to create value for our stakeholders and shareholders alike.