We believe that the building block of our passion for creating a team-based culture of excellence is made up of our way of doing business and the awareness and competence of our employees in fulfilling their responsibilities. Our ultimate goals include adding value to all our stakeholders and partners, and it is “honesty and ethics” that underlie every step taken by ourselves as we move towards our goals.

Our core values that will shed light on us in this path are:

“Building a team-based culture of excellence that responsibly delivers sustainable value and growth.”

We believe in the coexistence of the members, who are valued by each member of the team, who have understood the importance of creating value together and have achieved a unity of purpose and target, and in the success based on team spirit. We value and respect each other and what we do.

We conduct transparent relationships with all our community, government and state-owned businesses as well as our stakeholders and team-mates with our insight on sustainable mining that respects the laws, environment and society.

We believe that a continuous development is encouraged by always seeking for a better method and technique, targeting a mining based on the latest information and technology and making difference.

We aim to ensure that our mining operations and all other related activities are effectively and efficiently concluded within the Company's objectives and bring about measurable and comparable concrete outputs.