Where do We Want to Get to?

As Öksüt Madencilik | Centerra Gold Inc., we aspire to become a preferable employer and workplace. As a team that ensures sustainable value and growth with a sense of responsibility, we strive to create a culture of excellence and ensure that this culture is adopted by our employees and our strategic business partners, as well.

Having started out with the motto "Work Safe, Home Safe", our destination points in this path also include becoming an exemplary company with our policy prioritizing the safety and health of our employees.

Our Policy

We are aware that the most important resource that will bring us to our destination is our employees. Therefore, we place "human" at the center of our human resources policy.

Focusing on creating long-term and sustainable values, our Company’s priorities are equitability and transparency. We proceed on our way by constructing our communication with both internal and external stakeholders on these two core values, and prioritizing the importance we attach to accuracy and professionalism.

Our Company, where ethical values are kept alive and different opinions are valued, adheres to the principle of accountability and provides equal working opportunities for everyone regardless of gender, race, age or nationality.

We are in the belief that the main components of the culture we want to create include meeting the social and cultural needs of our employees and establishing a corporate culture and awareness, providing individuals with the opportunity to improve themselves and set goals, and creating a team of employees who say “We” not “I”.

Our Strongest Stakeholders are Our Employees

It is without question that employees who speak the same language with their companies, concentrate on the same goal and contribute to the future of the company consist of people who adopt the corporate culture.

Our employees, who adopt the point where we want to get to and match up our values with their own values, consist of result-oriented individuals of high competence, who can manage their resources and time correctly and are committed to a continuous self-development. While creating a culture based on the principle "winning as a team", we follow innovations and good practices and take a sensitive approach to our understanding of quality, occupational health & safety and responsible mining.

To be individuals who respect the nature, people and environment is among the most important attitudes of our Company operating in the mining sector.

Being a Part of Our Team

We believe that our colleagues are the biggest stakeholders that would carry us to the future within our growing structure, and we continue our way with this in mind.

To share our culture, keep our values alive and be a part of our team, you may view the open positions offered on Kariyer.net page of our Company or local media and send us your application.

Öksüt Madencilik adopts as a principle to offer equal opportunities to all applicants and employees who meet the required conditions. Our Company policy is to manage a transparent process in accordance with all laws and regulations in force, taking into account the qualifications of the candidates.

Codes of Conduct

Öksüt Madencilik | Centerra Gold expects all employees to manage themselves in compliance with the highest ethical standards.

Our Board of Directors has adopted the Codes of Conduct inclusive of such procedures as avoiding conflict of interest, protecting confidential information, acting in compliance with the laws, rules and regulations in force, commitment to good disclosure practices and reporting concerns of employees and third parties about accounting and auditing.

As a team, we have committed ourselves to exhibit attitudes and behaviors in full compliance with the “Policies and Disciplinary Procedure Handbook” in our activities against our suppliers, society and colleagues as well as our domestic and foreign stakeholders and organizations, and the to ensure the adoption thereof.