Öksüt Madencilik A.Ş. has adopted as a principle to protect the health and safety of its employees, subcontractors, the public and the environment and to carry out its activities in full compliance with national and international standards in all operational stages including exploration, operation and closure.

In view of this principle, Öksüt Madencilik commits to:

- Take necessary steps and measures to control and prevent the environmental impacts and pollution arising from its activities,

- Ensure a continuous awareness and development on environmental issues,

- Establish and implement an environmental management system,

- Identify environmental risks and hazards,

- Have a constructive communication on environment with the local people living in residential areas adjacent to the project site,

- Ensure the recycling and disposal of wastes in order to reduce and control environmental pollution,

- Rehabilitate the field of activity in a planned manner once the mining activities are completed,

- Provide training defining the duties and responsibilities in terms of environment,

- Issue and ensure the implementation of environmental procedures and instructions,

- Monitoring and protecting plants and animals which are a part of biodiversity,

- Protect the wildlife in and around the areas where activities are carried out,

- Protect the cultural heritage and transfer it to the future generations,

- Ensure efficient use of energy and natural resources.